Children need to feel secure. When there are natural disasters or other traumatic events that occur in a child's life, it helps him to have an anchor to hold on to. This blog is an effort to collect new, handmade, child-sized and baby-sized charity quilts to distribute to displaced or traumatized children of Tuscaloosa County and Jefferson County, Alabama.

Monday, May 23, 2011

First Group of Kids Covered!

Sunday afternoon, I had the privilege of meeting with 3 families whose homes in Coaling, AL were destroyed in an EF 3 tornado on the morning of April 27, 2011. This tornado came in the predawn darkness and was a ominous foreshadowing of the events to come later in the day. Six kids from 3 families lost their homes and most, if not all, their possessions in the storm.

Bama Bound Quilts made contact with a neighbor in the Magnolia Springs subdivision of Coaling. She generously opened up her home to us and provided a meeting place for us to cover these children. All six kids were given quilts with totes and storm buddies made by quilters in 4 separate states.

Covered by TN and Covered by MI

Covered by MI

Covered by MI and Covered by TX

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  1. Look at those smiles! OK. I have to go cry now.

  2. What a courageous and wonderful group of kids. My life is better for having met them. Thank you contributors for the opportunity to serve these kids, without you, this blessing would not be possible.

  3. So precious! I love seeing the happy faces on these precious children! Thank you for all of your hard work!!!