Children need to feel secure. When there are natural disasters or other traumatic events that occur in a child's life, it helps him to have an anchor to hold on to. This blog is an effort to collect new, handmade, child-sized and baby-sized charity quilts to distribute to displaced or traumatized children of Tuscaloosa County and Jefferson County, Alabama.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It was a long-standing joke between my husband and I that if we ever saw the TIV or Dominator from Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers anywhere near our community, we would immediately run screaming the other way as fast as we could. This Sunday was the premiere of this season's Storm Chasers and, you guessed it, they were in Tuscaloosa for the April 27th storms. Running the other way was good advice, but not so funny now, as I sat in my living room reliving the storms through the eyes of the storm chasers as they tried to do what they could to help out in a helpless situation.

As our project draws to a close, I think of all the children we have covered with the beautiful quilts our quilt angels have so graciously contributed, helping out in what seemed like a helpless situation. To date, we have collected 72 quilts from 15 states and Australia. I am still hoping to make it to 100, as we only have 28 more to go. The weather is finally cooling down and there have been several nights where I know those quilts have been not only an emotional comfort, but also a physical comfort to our kids. Thank you all for everything you have done. You are appreciated more than you know.