Children need to feel secure. When there are natural disasters or other traumatic events that occur in a child's life, it helps him to have an anchor to hold on to. This blog is an effort to collect new, handmade, child-sized and baby-sized charity quilts to distribute to displaced or traumatized children of Tuscaloosa County and Jefferson County, Alabama.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Covered in Love by...

I am so excited about how this project is progressing. We have received 15 quilts from 4 states. There are many more committed to the project. I have identified 13 kids in 3 communities to "cover." Keep 'em coming: there are so many kids to comfort and bless.

Don't forget to include a quilt, tote with pocket and stuffed animal. It is fine to buy a tote and embellish it rather than make one, just be sure the one you send is a nice one (ie thick material, canvas, etc). It is fine to name your quilt. I am giving the ones I have received names and I will soon run out of puns and alliterations.

One unexpected benefit for me has been the diversity of styles and quilt patterns that I have been exposed to. We have discussed on facebook, the prospect of creating an e-book with quilt photos, quilt patterns, bios of the quilters, photos of the kids with their quilts and the kids' stories. If you are interested in being included in that aspect of the project, please let me know. There is certain info I will need to collect from you to include in the book.

Below are photos of most of the quilts received to date:

Covered in Love by Florida

Covered in Love By Maine

Covered in Love by Michigan

Covered in Love by Texas


  1. These are all so wonderful!! (And yes, I'm interested in the book)

  2. How do you go about identifying the kids who receive the quilts? This sounds like a great project.

  3. We get kids thru communities, churches, law enforcement and social service agencies.

  4. We are working on two I Spy quilts for you. I cut out the patches and my kids organized the squares. :)